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RanWan BingQiu Sets

RanWan BingQiu Sets


RanWan Set:

1.8” Confession Pin

1” XiaSini Pin


BingQiu Set:

1.7” In Your Dreams

1.25” BingPup


⚠️Please Read for P4P pins:⚠️

(P4P stands for “pay for production” meaning they are sold at the price I got them produced for) including packaging and taxes.


-The pins only come in sets of two pins. “BingQiu” and “WanRan” sets.


-P4P pins are not graded. There is a chance that you will get B grades.


-Each order is limited to 3 per set. (Just in case you want to save on shipping with a friend or something)


-If you’d like to support future P4P pins please order a non-P4P thing from my shop even stickers or other pins


-After the first public release of a P4P design, the extras will be available only in the secret store. (Patreon membership access only)


-P4P pins are NOT P4P in conventions. It takes a lot of time and space to bring inventory to cons so please understand it’s not worth it for me to bring them unless they’re regular price. Sorry 🥹


-Trading and resell is allowed for my pins. Just no hoarding 20 pins to resell like scalpers.


For any questions or concerns feel free to DM or comment here :3

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