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Flat rate shipping applies to all countries.

Shop and Shipping Rates are in USD.

Phone number is REQUIRED for EU Orders. 

GERMANY: No shipping to Germany til further notice.

Terms & Conditions: Shipping Policy

LOST PARCELS/ Taking Too Long

It generally takes 1-2 weeks for shipments to the USA and Canada to arrive, and 2-3 weeks for international parcels to arrive. If it has been more than 4-5 weeks please email me at and I can send in an investigation request. However, nothing can be done for parcels that have no tracking number. Parcels sent more than 3 months back cannot be refunded or resent.


For now Combined Shipping is not available. Holds are also not possible. Local Pick Up is only available in West Canada, Metro Vancouver. We have a pop up store in Tsawwassen Mills, Makers.

WRONG ADDRESS/ Address Change

Please email as soon as possible. Nothing can be done once the parcel has been shipped. We have to wait for it to be returned. In case the parcel is not returned and was lost due to the customers' incorrect address input the order will not be replaced or refunded. 



In the event where parcels are returned to us under "unclaimed" or "returned", we will only resend the items again once the shipping address is reconfirmed. If it is due to the customer's negligence or incomplete input, we will charge for reshipment. If the shipping address was correct we will resend the parcel for free once, however, resending a parcel will forfeit claims to a refund in the event of damage, loss or returned a second time.

P4P Pin Policies

-P4P Pins are NOT graded. There is a chance that you might get B grades.

-No returns, exchanges or refunds.

-Lost parcels are not covered.

-No reselling for profit. Trading is ok.

-First preorder is open to all til limit is reached.

-Once they are in hand they will be available to the public for two weeks from the release date.

-After that extras are moved to the Secret Store (Patreon Members)

-Once they are all sold out from the Secret Store they will not be restocked.

-P4P Pins are NOT P4P prices in live conventions and pop-up stores.

For any concerns not addressed here feel free to email


If you have any questions of concerns feel free to email us at

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